How to Beat the Heat!

Some days, it is just too hot to do anything outside. That doesn’t mean that you have to just sit and twiddle your thumbs on the couch all day! There are plenty of great ways to enjoy yourself without melting in the hot summer sun. The most obvious way to enjoy a day that’s breaking the thermometer is to go to the beach, pool, ocean, or body of water equivalent. But, sometimes it is too crowded to really enjoy your time there. Here are some other great ways to enjoy your summer days without burning up!

As someone who enjoys activity and competition, a great way to get out of the heat but still challenge yourself and your friends is to go bowling. It is a great way to get together while not just loafing around the house. You don’t have to go with others though! If you want a little alone time you can always challenge yourself and see how well you can do. Not only is bowling fun and in conditioned air, but a bowling alley can also have surprisingly good food. You may just find a great new place for lunch or to grab a pizza.

Another one of my personal favorites and time-tested classics, the movie theater! Not only will you have to bring a sweater to the typically cold theater, if you go in the middle of the day you will probably have the whole cinema to yourself. It is a great way to pass the time and catch up on all the summer blockbusters. Stay on top of all the latest pop culture, stay cool, keep your nights free, and keep yourself from going stir crazy in the house when it’s too hot.

My favorite way to stay cool during the blazing heat is to go in for a massage at my local LaVida Massage + Skincare! Not only are the rooms at LaVida kept dark and cool, but the massage itself will also have me feeling more relaxed than ever before. You will be able to attack each day after with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm because you will leave so relaxed and restored. Not only can you go in for a massage, but many of our locations also offer skincare services to help protect your skin from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

You can find your nearest LaVida Massage + Skincare at or by simply searching LaVida Massage + Skincare in your preferred search engine. Once you find the LaVida closest to you, you can check to see if skincare services are offered or not under the “Skincare & Body Services” tab. Whichever LaVida location you come into, we will be more than happy to make sure your experience with us is as amazing as possible.